Mark 4 UAV Launcher

Silver Eagle and Insitu have created a trailer-mounted Mark 4 UAV Launcher that conquers every situation.


20+ Years of Military Service

2014 marked 20 years of LTT trailer service with the U.S. Military.


Best Dolly In The Industry

Learn how UPS's fleet is saving big from Silver Eagle's low-maintenance Eagle Converter Dolly.


78 Years Strong

Silver Eagle has been committed to excellent for 78 years.


A History of Excellence

Silver Eagle designs, manufactures and markets several lines of truck and trailer products that lead the transportation industry in performance and dependability. Many of the company’s past innovations have become standard practice in the industry and its emphasis on quality has earned it a solid reputation for producing safe, hard working products that its customers can rely on to lower operational costs and risks.

Silver Eagle is North America’s leading manufacturer of on-highway converter dollies for the heavy trucking industry. Many of the world’s most highly respected class 8 fleets, like UPS and Sysco, utilize Silver Eagle’s Eagle VA dolly as their prime specification.

Introducing the T-Dolly

The first autonomous dolly to automatically mind the gap and save you money.

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Silver Eagle's commitment to innovation and quality makes them the ideal provider of trailer products.

Person 1 - Insitu

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Person 3 - UPS

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Meet our revolutionary new T-Dolly

The T-Dolly automatically retracts at speeds over 45mph narrowing the gap, to improve fuel mileage, handling and safety.
Drivers love the improved stability (less ‘wag’) that the T-Dolly provides.
‘Banana Bar’ swings to the side as the gap closes to tend the leads.
Hook and Drive. Works with your existing fleet.