The Falcon

We deconstructed the convention dolly and rebuilt it, rock strong.

Falcon Converter Dolly

When Silver Eagle set out to build a conventional dolly, we looked at all that was out there and engineered from the ground up. The resulting Falcon is a lean, muscular and strong dolly that delivers a lot of pulling power with limited bulk.


  • Super strong drawbar

  • Ergonomic design

  • Lowest maintenance cost

  • Superior corrosion resistance

    The reinforced drawbar is made to take abuse and still be easy to pick up by hand – engineered for a 50 lbs. lift off.
    Counter-balanced for ease of lifting the drawbar. Easy access to air system ABS and other components is provided to reduce strains and injuries. Air lines, fittings and valves are mounted where they can be easily accessed.
    Pickup ramps are integrated right into the Falcon’s frame, allowing you to easily scoop up your lowest trailer
    A technician’s dream — the Falcon can be adjusted and maintained from a standing position! And because the drawbar is Huck-bolted, it can be replaced without cutting or welding
    Extraneous weight has been engineered out of the Falcon, creating a super-strong dolly that weighs less and allows you to haul larger payloads


Weight: 2,800 Ibs (1.270 kg)
GVWR: 20,000 Ibs (9,071 kg)
Frame Drawbar: Formed steel channel drawbar and frame. 76″ center of eye to center of fifth wheel. Huck-bolted Premier induction-hardened lunette eye. Drawbar set for 34″ hitch height. Bolted main joints.
Fifth Wheel: Holland FWSI SE Fifth Wheel. Roadside release handle. 48″ unladen height.
Axle: Meritor 5″ round, tapered spindles. SAE 80W-90 oil. Stemco Guardian seals. Type-30 chambers.
Hub/Drum: Cast hubs for dual 10 stud, two hand hole steel disc wheels and outboard mount cast iron brake drums.
Brakes: Meritor 16 ½” x 7″ Q+ S-Cam brakes with non-asbestos linings and WABCO anti-lock braking system 5 ½” automatic slack adjusters.
Suspension: Hutch 9700 series, two leaf high arch springs.
Paint: Electrodeposition (E-coat) primer. Topcoat is high quality gray polyurethane.
Air System: WABCO ABS, Sealco relay, emergency, pressure protection, anti-false charge, push-pull (hostling) and check valve. Steel air reservoir. Straight rubber front, coiled color-coded rear air lines/glad hands.
Electrical System: Two 4″ 12-volt incandescent stop tail lamps, rubber grommet mounted. Sealed Phillips System modular harness with two frame-mounted replaceable 7-way sockets. Two 10″ light cables.
Tires: Four 295/75R 22.5 ST250 steel radial 14 ply or equivalent.
Wheels: 22 ½” x 8 ¼” steel disc wheels, 10-stud hub pilot mount.
Mud Flaps: Black plastic flaps with Silver Eagle logo mounted on Betts 5/8” coiled 45 degree hangers.
Support Leg: Steel Stiff leg with replaceable rubber pad.
Dual Safety Chains: Two ½” GR 70 chains with 5-ton hooks.
Registration Holder: Watertight Lexan document holder.
Available options
Custom Colors: We can match your fleet’s color specifications. Also available in galvanized.

Trailer Specs

General Specifications
Maximum Vehicle Weight 4,200 lbs (1905 kg)
Curb weight (Integrated) 2,700 lbs (1225 kg)
Maximum Payload Capacity 1,500 lbs (680 kg)
Hull Unitized body construction using aircraft grade aluminum and chromoly steel
Paint CARC Tan, Green, or Camo Paint Available
Dimensions (Integrated)
Overall Length 136 inches (345 cm)
Overall Width 86 inches (218 cm)
Overall Height (unladen) 97.8 inches (248 cm)
Track Width 72.5 inches (184 cm)
Drawbar Length 93.2 inches (237 cm) (from axle center to eye center)
Drawbar Eye Height 29.5 inches (75 cm)
Deck Height 34.5 inches (88 cm)
Ground Clearance (Laden) 16 inches (41 cm)
Running Gear
Suspension Type Fully independent progressive rate trailing arm suspension
Axle Tubular steel
Spring Media Progressive rate torselastic rubber chords
Shock Absorbers Telescopic, direct acting, one per wheel, HMMWV compatible
Wheels 16.5 X 8.25, two piece steel, HMMWV compatible, 8 on 6.5 inch bolt pattern
Tires 37X12.50R16.5 Goodyear Wrangler M/T, with 30-mile runflat inserts, HMMWV compatible
Brakes 12 inch x 2 inch free backing hydraulic surge brakes with automatic breakaway actuation. Independent lever-operated left and right side mechanical parking brakes.
Electrical System 24 Volt DC sealed lighting system with blackout convoy lights, 12 pin connector plug mates with HMMWV
Max Speed (Primary Roads) 55 mph (88 kph)
Max Speed (Secondary Roads) 35 mph (56 kph)
Max Speed (Off Road) 20 mph (32 kph)
Departure Angle 39 degrees
Turning Angle 80 degrees
Fording Limited only by customer configuration

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