Mark 4 Launcher

Our trailer allows Insitu's Mark 4 Launcher to conquer rugged terrain, high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

Mark 4 launcher

The trailer-mounted Mark 4 Launcher conquers rugged terrain, high altitudes and extreme temperatures to earn its standing as the most versatile launcher yet. A low-maintenance, runway-independent platform, the Mark 4 is powered by an onboard diesel generator and air compressor and is compatible with all of Insitu’s unmanned aircraft.

  • Expeditionary, trailer-mounted design for easy transport across rough terrain and unimproved sites.
  • Self-powered, runway-independent platform.
  • Launcher lighting can be blacked out for covert transportation.
  • Multiple safety control interlocks effectually eliminate the possibility of an accidental launch.
  • Cooling system prevents the UAV from overheating on the ground.
  • Propeller guard increases operator safety.
  • With two operators, set up takes just 10 minutes.



Power: Onboard generator and air compressor powered by diesel, JP-5 or JP-8 fuel

Operational temperature: 0 °F to 120 °F / -17.8 °C to 48.9 °C

Certifications: Passed MIL-STD-810G environmental and large assembly transport vibration testing



Length: 17.83 ft / 5.43 m

Width: 7.25 ft / 2.21 m

Height: 6.42 ft / 1.65 m


Length: 22 ft / 6.71 m

Width: 7.25 ft / 2.21 m

Height: 8 ft / 2.44 m TRANSPORT

Weight: 4,200 lb / 1,905 kg

Pintle-compatible trailer hitch connection

Manual parking brake

Automatic surge brake

Commercial 7-pin or 12-pin NATO plug connector (MS75020-1) for trailer lights

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