The #1 Trailer Choice Worldwide For Their Climate Controlled Transport Needs


Your technology + Silver Eagle platforms and integration = mobility
If you have a technology that needs to be mobile in a tactical environment, Silver Eagle can help. Through our custom engineering and manufacturing resources, Silver Eagle can package and integrate your technology together with a trailering solution.

Trust our experience when it comes to integrating trailers and technology. Silver Eagle has a deep understanding of prime movers and mission profiles, enabling us to partner with major defense contractors and corporations, as well as the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard to develop defense and tactical products. Silver Eagle platforms have been used in a variety of programs like Shadow, Sentinel, UOC/COC, Trojan Spirit and Cerberus

Mobility solutions for the tactical environment
With over 30,000 Silver Eagle military trailers deployed worldwide, our platforms have proven their durability in the most severe-duty environments.

If you require mobility for your technology, call Silver Eagle and let us engineer and manufacture an integrated solution for you.

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Proven off-road platforms
  • Custom configurations
  • System integration
  • In-house dedicated engineering
  • Mil-spec manufacturing expertise
  • Durability and validation testing
  • After-sale tech support